राहुल तो बच्चा है जी, मगर सच्चा है जी!

July 23 2018

Though the predictable happened and PM Modi swam across the Rubicon to win the trust vote, many bitter truths were nevertheless unveiled. As on headline succinctly read after the day, “Modi wins trust vote, Rahul confidence.” You could read into Rahul’s sharply barbed questions to Modi as a curtain raiser to the 2019 polls. It has become clear what the opposition’s poll issues will be. The French government scurried with their response that there was indeed a secrecy pact between them and the Indian government, but is it true that the price of the Raphael fighter jets have indeed been hiked from Rs 520 crore to Rs 1,670 crore a piece? The government has turned a shy face in a stunning silence. On the issue of the pre-poll 2014 promise of generating two crore jobs each year, Modi lamely put out the figure of just one crore jobs, but that too is for just one year. He hid behind the wings on the rest of four years. And though the no-trust motion was tabled by the Telugu Desam Party, it was Rahul who remained firmly centre stage. And his now famous hug of the PM has become a major problem with the BJP, or as the Amul Ad says, “Embracing of Embarrassing?”

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